Mill Road Orchard Vineyard

The Grapes
First Fruits

The grapes used for Sacred Memory Wines are not just the symbolic first fruit offered to the Lord but, in fact, the actual first fruit. We create Sacred Memory Wines from the first wine grape tonnage to leave the field. Picking is done by hand and starts at sunrise. Grape clusters are hand selected to produce premium wines. The 2003 Cabernet "Reflect" would be the only example of a Sacred Memory wine that is a blend of all parts of the field with the "symbolic" first fruits added. "Reflect" includes the first 250 pounds harvested that year which is a large representation.

Liturgical Colors

For "Reminisce", our flagship wine, and “Respect” grape juice we use Syrah, Cabernet and a small amount of Roussanne grapes. The Syrah is almost purple the Cabernet is a red and Roussanne is white. We utilize these three grapes so three colors of the liturgical calendar are represented. This combination makes a great wine with the added advantage of special symbology.