Photograph by Nate Berry

Biblical Symbology
At its roots, the Sacrament of Communion is a symbolic act. The power of the symbol lies in the respect, admiration and love for what is represented and in our participation with that which it represents. In Matthew, Jesus said of the cup, “drink from it, all of you, for this is My blood of the new covenant." Our love for Him and our faith in this new covenant empower our approach to the elements. All through the scriptures, we see God using symbolism and imagery to demonstrate, teach and reinforce concepts to us. It is our love for him and respect for what he has done that inspires us to include significant symbology in the creation of this representation of his sacrifice. Therefore, we burn incense in the fields. We anoint the grapes and actually water some of the vines with water from Lourdes in France. We incorporate three colors of the liturgical calendar. We use the "first fruits" from the fields. Every part of the process from the row numbers of the vines to the bottling date is intentional. All this methodology and use of symbols is an attempt to fold as much investment, intention and meaning into the process as possible. We invite you to explore the next few sections to see in depth the process and imagery incorporated. Our prayer is that as you see what goes into this wine you will receive something special from it.