The Grotto De Massabielle ( Miracle Spring) in Lourdes, France

The Water
Water is one of the most popular and powerful symbols in Christian history. So many turning points in scripture are linked to water. A list of a few would have to include Noah and the flood waters, the crossing of the Red (Reed) Sea, Moses and the spring from the rock, the crossing of the Jordan into the Promised Land, the cleansing of Naman the leper and the rite of Baptism to name a few. The majority of the water used in growing the grapes for Sacred Memory wines is from a well on the property. In addition to the well water, we have anointed the vines with water from Lourdes in France. Lourdes is the location of the miracle spring discovered by St Bernadette. Many will argue over whether the water is magical or whether it is the faith and belief one brings to the water that creates the many miracles that have happened. To us the argument is moot. We believe and as a sign of our belief we pour water and ask the Lord to meet us in that act of faith. In fact, it is his power either way. We are confident that he sees and honors the faith and effort it takes to bring Lourdes water to this field for that purpose